Nearly 9 years ago my husband and I embarked on a round the world trip that would change our lives. It was on this trip that we met so many talented artisans and crafts people producing beautiful artefacts and crafts that formed the inspiration for Nkuku. It soon became clear that many of these artisans were from disadvantaged back grounds and faced a daily struggle to care for their families and build a future. Fair trade offers a solution to this. Trading fairly provides these artisans with a good living wage, better working conditions and an opportunity to build a future. It helps businesses develop creating further sustainable employment. 

These are tough times for millions of workers and farmers in developing countries. Climate change, rising food and fuel costs, and volatile market prices mean they face an uncertain future. Choosing and asking for Fair trade products is one way to ensure farmers and workers can farm into the future and earn enough to provide for their families and invest in their communities.

Mike Gidney, the Executive Director of the Fair Trade Foundation comments on some of the problems facing international trade and disadvantaged producers.  He states that a 2006 UN report on global hunger calculated that half of the world’s hungry were actually farmers, struggling to feed their families or make a decent living because they are not paid fairly for growing the food we use every day. In Malawi, for example, small-scale farmers produce sugar in the arid south of the country. There, 85% of families run out of food at some point in the year. In north-east Brazil, sugar cane cutters have the lowest life expectancy and their children the highest mortality of any group in Brazil.

The fact that so many hungry people are themselves food producers shows just how out of balance our global food system has become. This is of course morally and ethically unacceptable but it also presents real practical challenges to the future of our food system; challenges that will need changes from all of us.

If you would like to show your support for Fair Trade you can do so by taking a step towards fair trade http://step.fairtrade.org.uk/. To find out more about Nkuku and fair trade please follow this link www.nkuku.com/EthicalInformation/147/Mission.html.

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  • Nkuku specialise in eco friendly, fairly traded homeware and gifts. Our products are inspired by the traditional skills of artisans throughout Africa and India. We combine contemporary design with age old traditions, natural materials and sustainable methods of production. We passionately support fair trade and consider the environment in everything we do.