India is a photographer’s paradise and one of the great delights of being a part of Nkuku is getting the opportunity to travel there. Strangely the more we visit the more we feel we have to learn.  The diversity is overwhelming. The colours, noise and smells hit you right between the eyes but it’s addictive. The people are so welcoming, dynamic and enterprising. There is so much energy and drive but at the other end of the spectrum there is so much peace and calm.

Photographer and framer Chloe Hill captures the essence of India in her photographs. Her ability to frame moments in time whilst also portraying a story is what I really love.  The rare site of an empty street at dawn as children are taken to school and the age lined face of a man watching the world go by slowly build together the pieces of daily Indian life.

The images of the fisherman bringing in their catch are taken in Kerala and illustrate the laid back lifestyle that is so symbolic of the South. So much so that I’m sure we need to make another visit very soon!

To see more of Chloe’s work please visit her website

Looking for beautiful photograph frames follow the link


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