Yes, we’ve jumped on the band wagon of the baking mania flooding the nation. A bake off seemed a good idea because of the obvious bonus side effects – a lot of cake in the office. The rules were simple it had to be home made, baked, with a Christmassy theme, and strictly no cheating ie. Shop bought and made to look homemade, asking uber talented cake making other halves, chef friends etc!

The fun was obviously in the tasting. It has been a feast of chocolate, gingerbread, pineapple, cinnamon and apple deliciousness! Every day for the last two weeks we have indulged on the latest masterful creation and been amazed by the skill level – excluding my own! Choosing the winner truly was a difficult decision, not least because we are all so fickle and changed our minds with every mouthful! But in the end Sally’s stupendous Hummingbird cake really stood out. (seen above under a Nkuku glass dome, served on a hand etched iron tray).

Its sheer size and brilliance convinced us all. Those beautiful layers, the fluffiness, the pineapple and pecan combo and general all round yumminess totally blew us away! Congratulations Sally!

Following closely behind was this delicious apricot couronne, masterfully created by Jo! The combination of sweet bread, chocolate, almonds and icing was sheer heaven!

This soft, rich sweet bread (served here on one of our Bamba trays) was the perfect tonic on a cold winter day. Paul Hollywood eat your heart out!

Chris tantalised us with some gluten free apple and cinnamon muffins – seriously tasty and for some reason they felt like healthy cake!

Lauren and boyfriend Glen created some gingerbread delights full of personality and flavour!

It was hard biting the heads off some of them but in the end we all succumbed to the wonderful ginger tang!

Steph’s declicious creation is a childhood favouite, first baked by her mother Kathy. It was full of wonderfully delectable surprises from cherries to treacle! Family recipes are always the best! Perfection!

James increased our chocolate addiction levels with his amazing brownies. People’s true colours really shine out when there is only one brownie left for the taking! There was even talk that the brownies were calling people by name!

Kate’s delightful tart was a spin on a Bakewell tart but included mincemeat. The textures and loveliness were unforgettable!

Anna shared her delicious chocolate  cake – the gooey deliciousness made it hard to hold back. The edable stars and glitter added some festive sparkle too!

Neil’s wonderful chocolate log, served on a Chunni chopping board complete with Nkuku branding was a hit!

Last but no means least were Jess’s classic mince pies – baked to perfection. The pastry was crumbly and the whole package was full of melt in your mouth loveliness!

A huge thank you to everyone who took part. Finding the time to bake such wonders after a busy day in the office was fantastic. The bar has been set and it’s high! Oh what skills lie beyond the desk and the keyboard!  Now we need to spend the next few days trying to wean ourselves off CAKE!

To discover Sally’s Nkuku award winning Hummingbird recipe please visit https://www.facebook.com/nkukulife

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