We make regular trips to India visiting suppliers, working on new designs and ensuring everything is as it should be. Our Operations Director Chris, recently returned from one such trip and here he shares his experiences.

Setting off at 4:30am from a Delhi hotel in the dark is like leaving any hotel in any city in the Far East. The first thing you notice is that even at this time there are so many people out and about. Taxis waiting for their early morning commuters, stall holders setting up for the day and the colourful trucks and other road users already fighting for position on the road. The roads out of Delhi are pretty good and in the early hours you can make good time. Although the roads are reasonable the driving at times can be less so. Bikes and trucks will use either side of the road to try toreach their destination quicker!

It is only as dawn arrives that the unique views of India set it apart from anywhere else I have been. Turning off the main roads is where India comes alive. Everyone is busy. There is no support for families that have no income so everyone attempts to generate their own. This gives a hustle and bustle that is not seen in all countries. There are stalls all along every road selling food, services and products. There is also colourful branding on many shop walls and shutters.

Our suppliers are based all over India and there are always long but utterly fascinating journeys to get to them. The poverty is obvious but so is the determination and drive to get on.

The suppliers that Nkuku partner have that drive and determination. We work with an amazing selection of charities and entrepreneurs that are based all over India.  It is a real pleasure to see the skills that the artisans use to create the products that we supply. We work with people who have created amazing businesses supporting themselves and their employees on their journey to success, and Nkuku are proud to accompany them on that journey.

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