“A picture is worth a thousands words!”  It’s true, a photograph  can reveal so much, it can tell a story, capture a moment in time, a feeling, a first smile. It can set a scene, emulate a mood or just make you laugh!

Choose a frame to fit your photograph .  You can really enhance a photograph by selecting the right frame. Black and white images stand out with a dark border.  You can use photography in hundreds of wonderful ways to decorate an interior & personalise your home.

Rejuvinate a tired wall or bring a dead space to life by using photography as wall art and decoration. Get creative with photo frames; choose a style that suits your home or create an eclectic mix of sizes and finishes  to add interest.

This chunky reclaimed multi frame is perfect for creating a rustic look. The distressed finish sets off the  black and white images inside. The subject matter suits the frame and the whole impact is interesting, travelled and wordly.

Don’t be scared to have detail on the border of a frame. This simply adds to the style of the room and often brings out the photo within.  Play around with different images to see what really works.  Mix old and new photographs, the combination of images taken through  different periods can create a quirky back drop and create a wonderful gallery of events.  It’s great to see  photo’s from the distant past sitting next to those taken just the other day.

The materials a photo frame is made from can play a role in the look of a room. Sustainable mango wood has a beautiful grain and is such a versatile wood. The above & below photo frames are both made from mango wood but finished very differently. Placing them against a natural wood backrop creates a  great coastal & rustic theme.

For a more industrial interior choose an edgey material such as recycled metal or aluminum. These large Kiko’s provide huge amounts of  flexibility for arrangements and content. Fill them with images, fabrics, keepsakes and mementos to create a striking & personal display.

Photographer Irving Penn once said “A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective”. I couldn’t agree more!

 For more photo frame ideas please take a look at our Photo Frame Collection.

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