Exquisite handmade jewellery

Each exquisite piece of our jewellery collection has been designed and handmade with such care. In keeping with Nkuku’s passion for natural materials we have chosen stunning natural stones combining their natural beauty with delicate 22 karat gold borders, chains and fixings.  Jewellery is a universal form of adornment. The art of working metals was first discovered in the ancient world. Over time, metalworking techniques have become more sophisticated and decoration more intricate but the basic principles remain fairly similar. Our latest collection utilises these age old techniques to create timeless and modern pieces that we hope you will love.

The stones that we have selected for their beauty also have meanings. Labradorite, takes its name from the mining town of Labrador in Canada where the mineral was first discovered by Inuit’s in the early 18th century. Since then the stone has been discovered in areas such as Madagascar and India (the latter providing the source for these stones). The stone is famous for its ‘Labradoressence’, the name coined to describe the wonderful variance of colours and mystical quality of the stone.  Labradorite is often called ‘The Temple of The Stars’. It is said to bring strength and success, reduce stress & increase intuition.

Our elegant Prehnite collection is skilfully handmade in Rajasthan. Each natural stone is cut and polished by hand before being placed within the gold plated border. Prehnite, until very recently was considered a rare collector’s gemstone, renowned for its translucency and apple green colour.  Originally discovered in South Africa the stone forms in volcanic rock. Deposits of the beautiful stone have since been discovered in Mumbai. Prehnite is a protective stone and is said to aid in communication, stimulate energy and increase life force.

Agate Druzy is a natural stone usually formed in layers of coloured rings. These stones vary in size and colour, we simply select the most beautiful stones to make into jewellery pieces.  The Druzy stone is said to make a person grounded, protective and strengthen the physical body.

The beautiful birthstone Amethyst is considered the stone of prosperity & peace. It is said to offer protection from negative energies. According to Aristotle ‘Amethyst’ was the name of a beautiful nymph who asked the Goddess Diana to protect her from the God Bacchus, the goddess obliged by turning her into a precious gem. It was said to protect against ‘intoxication through drunkenness’. The pretty violet colours make this a truly stunning piece.

The Pandita Charm necklace and bracelet is a firm favourite. The beauty is in the detail, each bead is hand cut from metal creating these beautiful uneven textures. The charm drop is made from Prehnite, the round disc from Labrodorite & the necklace is made with pieces of crystal quartz.  Crystal Quartz can be used to clear and activate energy centres of your body. It is said to heal negativity and purify the physical, mental and spiritual body.

This is just a taste of our jewellery collection to see more including stunning lockets, beautiful bangles, and elegant earrings take a look here. The entire collection is finished with an anti-tarnish that will age over time, enhancing the vintage look of the piece.  Each piece is gift wrapped in a taupe suede pouch, the jewellery is hypo-allergenic and nickel free.

Featured in this post from top to bottom;
Pandita Charm Necklace £120; Natural Druzy Necklace £69.95; Natural Druzy Bracelet £49.95; Labradorite Pendant Necklace £99.95; Prehnite Pendant Necklace £99.95; Lavani Hammered Locket £69.95; Lavani Earrings £29.95; Feather Necklace £49.95; Green Druzy Necklace £69.95; Labradorite Stud Earrings £39.95; Labradorite Bangle £59.95; Prehnite Bangle £59.95; Green Druzy Bracelet £49.95; Amethyst & Feather Necklace £69.95; Pandita Charm Bracelet £79.95;

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