The Nkuku bake off results

We have come to the end of what was a thoroughly enjoyable pre-Christmas Nkuku bake off and it’s safe to say that each and every participant has wowed us all. Huge thanks go to Jo for organising the entire event and her hilarious commentary (shared below!) It is with great delight that we can announce the winner of the 2014 Nkuku Bake Off….

“We were amazed as Michelle revealed her tower of patisserie indulgence, beautifully baked choux pastry exploding with crème patisserie and smothered in melted chocolate.  To top it off was a warm chocolate amaretto sauce, pure heaven and a whole load of ‘mmmming” filled the office as words failed us. Congratulations Michelle!  We can’t forget the other delicious treats tirelessly baked over the past few weeks, so here are few highlights.

Sarah combined breakfast, snack and pud all in one with this indulgent tray bake. A genius twist on the classic rice crispy cake – Sarah added a thick layer of caramel topped with a delicious chocolate icing to a base of crispy heavenliness!

We were  overwhelmed by Jess’s delicious sponge layers beautifully put together with fluffy fresh cream accompanied with strawberry jam and heaving with fresh fruit. This also made the perfect birthday cake for me!

Amy really finished off the week with an epic winter treat just perfect as we bake or way into December! She certainly did our US customers proud with her traditional New York cheesecake adorned with a beautifully crafted edible snowflake made by hand. What an excitement! This was a first for our in- house bake off competition and let’s admit it’s a tricky one to execute but Amy did it with perfection!

Elisa melted real chocolate for the icing and filled the middle with a delicious butter-cream.. All elements of this bake came together ingeniously as you took the first bite, the thick layer of chocolate cracked delicately as you met a beautifully fluffy sponge and butter cream, just heavenly!

As we entered the penultimate week, the competition was definitely heating up and Chris presented a peachy lemon cupcake surprise, and yes we were surprised how delicious it tasted!

Walking in a winter wonderland………….this is exactly what we did as Erica revealed her irresistible Christmas scene! There were trees, there were logs, even the pet dog Rudolf and the lean-to for the logs! The Ginger bread was cooked to perfection and oozing with candy fluff snow, the chalet had been stolen straight from the French Alps and tiled with white chocolate buttons”.

This doesn’t even cover the sparkling buns baked by Sally, nor the mince pie biscuit masterfully executed by James but it gives you a clear idea of just how much sweet stuff the Nkuku office has consumed! Never mind an alcohol free January I think the Nkuku office needs a cake free month!

Happy Christmas!




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