The Story Behind Our Enamelware

We launched our first enamelware collection four years ago and it has been a great success, with the traditional tiffins being a firm favourite. Our enamelware proves to be the perfect year-round gift, but it does tend to peak in popularity during the sunny season. Some tell us they use the enamelware for picnics because they are so light; others for camping; but mainly people say they love to use them just because they think they are so beautiful! With the summer season upon us we thought you might like to know a bit more about these gorgeous pieces.

We met our enamelware producer on one of our trips to India about five years ago. They are based in Kashmir. It’s a region that has been plagued by conflict and this has had an enormous effect on the indigenous people of the area. It is also a region that is renowned for its elaborate and decorative freehand painting, traditionally working with paper mâché, but in recent years they have started to use more endurable materials to create pieces for today’s market.

Many of the artisans who create our enamelware collections are qualified graduates who are determined to stay in Kashmir but are unable to find work suitable to their qualifications. For some this provides a stopgap whilst they work towards building their careers.

The metal we use is stainless steel and is made using moulds. The item is then hand-painted using age old painting techniques. The painting is done freehand and each artisan is replicating the design, but no two pieces are exactly the same.

When you hold a piece of enamelware in your hand and really look at the work that has gone into the finish, you truly appreciate the beauty of the piece.

This producer group has set up some fantastic community schemes including a football club, for which we provide the shirts.

We are running 10% discount on our enamelware collection on our retail site until the end of May 2015.

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